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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Antique teacup and saucer project

I was recently given a box of old mis-matched tea cups and saucers. Many of them were chipped and cracked.
Since it would break my heart to just throw them away I thought about a way to extend their life for just a little longer~ I have been wanting to get some LED lighting to light up the walk way to our front door. I wondered if there was a way to attach the tea cup and saucer to the LED light. I remembered I pinned a video of someone drilling a hole into a tea cup. I watched the video and ran to the store to get what I needed to drill the hole. Here are the items I bought for this project.
( FYI, This kind of glue took forever to dry.  Like 2 days)

I really have the sweetest husband! He is so gracious and willing to work along side of me to complete these projects I come up with.  I don't know what I would do without this guy!
(Attached the drill bit to drill) 
Here we go~

Once we had the holes drilled we placed the LED post through the hole.  We then placed a couple rubber washers to hold it where we wanted it. 

Next we applied the glue to bottom of cup to secure to saucer.  Then we attached the LED globe which sat snug inside the cup and hung it upside down to dry.  We also added glue around the rubber washers.  You may want to check around for different kinds glue to use.  Unless you are very patient. 

Wanna see how this beauty turned out?

She's a beauty at night too~

I hope this tutorial was helpful and if you decide to make one, please shoot me a message. I'd like to hear all about it~

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

When people hurt people

Here is a picture of the utter devastation caused by terrorist on 9/11. 
Today has been an exhausting day.  Not only because of the horrific events that happened 13 years ago, but because of my own personal tragedies.  I would never want to compare my pain to those who lost loved one on 9/11 or the trama that they may still be dealing with. You see I'm hurting because I've hurt people.
I recently heard a sermon by Michael Youseff and he stated that a women had written a letter to his ministry office and given a huge check.  The letter went on to state that the money was to go directly to the aid of muslim evangelism.  Here's where I get choked up every time.  You see, her son was killed by a muslim terrorist in front of a military personal building in Little Rock Arkansas, 2009.  I have tried to put myself in the parents shoes.  I know that what she is did is right and not only that, amazing.  But sadly I don't think I would have responded like that.  I probably would have hated every muslim I ever encountered and cursed them to death.  
After hearing that sermon I am all the more convinced that that kind of forgiveness is not only supernatural (meaning it could only come from God) but it is so important to be able to go on. To fully live.  
I have hurt so many people in my life. Some so deeply that I know that only God's sovereign hand could cover and heal that pain.  My selfishness has taken me to some dark roads and I have all but murdered innocent people along the way.  That is why I pray fervently for them and I ask God to bring to mind those that I'm not aware that I've hurt.  Not so I can have the satisfaction of being forgiven but that they would have the ability to forgive me so they can fully live.  That the hurt I've caused doesn't sway them from compassion or harden them. That my name wouldn't bring pain at just the mention of it.  That I wouldn't be the cause of someone wanting to end their life.  These are the things we never think about.  We don't want to think about them.  Hurting someone deeply could be as simple as bullying someone in school.  Making fun of someones looks.  Outcasting someone because they are different than you.  How about absent parents.  I know so many hurting adults because they had absent parents. All kinds of little ( or so we think) things that could have lasting effects on another human being.  Now lets not mention the big ones~ Rape, Molestation, Adultery, Murder.  Selfishness always at the root. 

Galatians 5:19-2ESV 

Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. 

I feel so much regret.  So I pray that those I've hurt can forgive me and I pray that those who hurt us 13 years ago can be forgiven. Not to diminish the pain they have caused or I have caused but that those who have been hurt can fully live. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Where I lay my head

So after showing you pics of my daughters day bed in my last post, I thought it would be fun to show you where I lay my head at night.  I have had my room decorated this way for about a year now and I am still in love with the look that was achieved.  Here is a little back ground story.  As I have gotten older I am starting to really find what my style is.  I'm gonna call it eclectic/antique~ For so many years I was trying to copy different peoples styles but thankfully I came to senses and just did me.  I realized through this process that I really loved the color blue.  Although if you ask me what my favorite color is I'll tell you all of them.  Every color has a purpose and is beautiful in my eyes.  In saying that there are some colors that I would not paint my walls in or base a whole room around.  In the case of my room, blue was the starting color.  The kicker if you will.  I decided first to sell my whole bedroom set and piece together furniture that sang to me.  I ran down to me favorite antique shop and began the hunt.  I found three pieces.  A dresser for me, one for my hubby and a tall wardrobe.  I can't remember the exact cost but if I had to guess it would be around 500 hundo for all 3.  They were all different wood colors but mainly in darker stain.  This is where my love for blue and spray paint collided.  I'll post pics of them in another post.  My bedroom adjoins to the bathroom/closet/makeup/sitting area. It was painted with a really cool technique. I believe its called venetian.  I wanted to save it so I choose a color that was close, for the bedroom.  A color called champagne is what I ended up what.  Almost white with a little pink.  I wanted the pieces I had painted and distressed to pop and be focal, not the walls.  The bed was pretty easy.  Antique beds do not come in the regular sizes we have today and if you are spoiled by having a king, its hard to go back down to a full.  Instead I opted to keep the king and just get a frame.  The headboard was made from some really cheap wood we bought from lowes.  I found the idea on pinterest. (here) lizmarieblog.com  We bought 2 sizes and randomly cut and stapled to wall to a king size headboard dimension.  I then stained the wood in ebony.  We didn't get to sleep in our room for a couple days due to strong smell.  Also make sure that you allow wood to shrink or dry.  The wood we got ended up shrinking after we hung it so I have little gaps.  Its not major enough to take it all back down but just a note for anyone who may try this project.  The bedspread was one I had before the room transformation and I loved it so I just changed it up with pillows and bedskirt.  My favorite pillow is the ornate one in the middle.  It makes me happy! So without further ado. Here is where I lay my head at night!

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