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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Closet Cabinets~ painted and distressed

Hey Blogger Babes! I don't know about ya'll but it has been a busy summer for me. Lots of projects and lots of changes around the house. I have so many to share but first I want to show you the finished cabinets in my closet. You know the ones that I decided not to sand. LOL:) Well, they turned out real nice after all. I painted the cabinets the same color as the wall, which is a light gray. Then I distressed them with a black and brown stain. I used a rag and a paint brush to apply the stain. Then I sanded a few spots down to the wood to give an aged look. For the final touch I used white paint and a brush to contrast the dark stain. Check it out~

Not to shabby, huh!?! My husband is such a sweet guy. He tell me "I think you're ready to go pro" Right, and these pants don't make my butt look big either! LOL:) I have to admit though, for the headache that these cabinets cost me or maybe I should say, for the headache I cost me while being lazy while painting these, I think they turned out pretty darn good. They have added extra storge and function to my fabulous closet. So, I quess in the end the headache was worth it and the story does make for a good laugh. I hope you laughed today! Jamie

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