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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Giggles ~ July 8th

Hello Sunday and fellow bloggers! I hope it's been a great weekend for ya! I spent hours today going through the photos on my camera card and deleting some to make room for an upcoming camping trip. I thought I'd share some of the funny shots before I deleted them. Truly, they are to funny not to share. I'll try and narrate for you.

Ever been hair slapped before?

Ask me to walk like a model and I'll laugh ever time.

Ice skating in high heels and grass. There's a first!

"Oh no you didn't" face:)

Yes, I had goats at one time and I loved them to pieces, up until they started to eat everything in sight. Even my dress:)

Her Obituary reads: she fell down the stairs and died from toxic armpit fumes.

The neighbors were outside staring at me while I was taking these pictures. Embarrassing but funny!

Did I get a laugh out of ya? If not, go look for your sense of humor! giggle, giggle*

Sunday, July 1, 2012

4th of July Breakfast Muffins

In honor of this fine country we live in, I present to you, my 4th of July Breakfast Muffin.

I found the recipe for Banana/Strawberry Muffins here:

After they have cooled, add your coolwhip and fresh fruit. I promise you everyone will be delighted to have a few of these in the morning with coffee or even as dessert.

Happy Independence Day America, this ones for you:)

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Sunday Giggles

This is to funny not to share. This morning half awake, I walk into my dinning room/entry way and see this.

To help put this into perspective, he's sleeping on tile floor, by the front door, inside a laundry basket.

Sounds like a restless nights sleep to me! He'll probably be upset if he finds out I'm posting these pictures but one day he'll look back on this and laugh as hard as the rest of us:)