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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Giggles ~ July 8th

Hello Sunday and fellow bloggers! I hope it's been a great weekend for ya! I spent hours today going through the photos on my camera card and deleting some to make room for an upcoming camping trip. I thought I'd share some of the funny shots before I deleted them. Truly, they are to funny not to share. I'll try and narrate for you.

Ever been hair slapped before?

Ask me to walk like a model and I'll laugh ever time.

Ice skating in high heels and grass. There's a first!

"Oh no you didn't" face:)

Yes, I had goats at one time and I loved them to pieces, up until they started to eat everything in sight. Even my dress:)

Her Obituary reads: she fell down the stairs and died from toxic armpit fumes.

The neighbors were outside staring at me while I was taking these pictures. Embarrassing but funny!

Did I get a laugh out of ya? If not, go look for your sense of humor! giggle, giggle*