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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spray Painted Furniture Baby #2 and A Breakfast Nook

Good Morning! It is a beautiful day here in NM, not to hot (yet) with a slight breeze. I enjoyed a cup of coffee at my new breakfast nook this morning. I opened the window to feel the breeze and hear the birds sing to each other. It was so relaxing and refreshing.
I have been wanting a breakfast nook in my kitchen area for some time now. The space that makes the most sense for a nook is a small spot. I had been looking on Craigslist for some cheap furniture and saw a dinning set with a bench, corner seat and a table for 50 dollars. The only problem was it wasn't in great shape. I usually steer clear of project pieces because I wouldnt consider myself talented in reconstruction but I have a want to be good at it and thats what gets me into trouble most of the time. I have to say that this time it worked out in my favor:) A little spray paint and a canvas drop cloth go along way, baby! Take a look at my newly reconstructed bench seat.

I'm not sure what the seat is made of. I'm thinking a cheap vinyl. So, I took a chance and spray painted the top (Back) of the bench with spray paint for plastics. It worked out so well that I will be spraying vinyl furniture forever. The only thing is, I sprayed it with a clear enamel to keep it protected from scratchs and I don't like the look as much as when it was just sprayed with the spray paint. It looked just like leather before I clear coated it. Oh well, it still looks fabulous! The seat was in such bad shape that spraying it wouldn't fix it. Here is a pic of what it looked like before.

Luckily the seat and the back came apart. I bought some high loft batting and placed that over the seat, then the drop cloth and stapled it underneath. Good thing no one can see the staple job underneath, it's ugly:) I still need to scotch guard the drop cloth. You guys don't let me forget, OK?!?!
I'm telling you there is something about a bench seat that is so inviting. Do you ever notice how when you go to a restraunt and they ask you if you want a booth seat or a regular table seat, that you always go for the booth. Well, atleast my family does. I think it's the bench seat that wins me over everytime. Now my bench has extra cushion and is so soft that I may never eat at the regular table again. The kids are at the grandparents house so I might surprise the hubs with dinner tonight and dine in at our romantic booth table. Here are some more pics of how it turned out.

You can't tell me that this doesn't look inviting:)

Sit, please:)

I better get going and start brainstorming for my romantic date tonight. Have a beautiful day! Jamie

P.S. No babies were harmed in this blogpost! I just call then furniture babies because I'm so proud of them. It's like giving birth. Please tell me you guys understand:)

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