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Friday, June 22, 2012

Old Hollywood~

I love Old hollywood actresses! I love the hair, the makeup, the gowns and the refined beauty. True Beauty, I think! What I day dream about most days, is of being an old hollywood actress. I'm in my dressing room, my gown is made of the finest silk and my skin feels caressed by it's softness. I stare into the mirror as I fix my eyeliner so the corners lift up. My eyes sparkle under the bright vanity lights. My lips soft and puckered in red and I practice my lines. Every word is spoken in a whisper as I preparing myself for the leading role and I try to convey the emotions of the character the producers want me to play. They say, I'm wounded by heartache, I'm scared to love again but his charm weakens me and I find myself falling for him. LOL! You thought you were reading one of those mushy romance novels there for a minute, huh!?!?
It's so much fun to play! So here is some shots of my Old Hollywood photo shoot.

Taken by my 11 years old daughter. Yesterday she told me she wanted to do photography as a profession when she gets older. Which I think is a perfect idea! But the funny part is, she asks me to pay her for her work. LOL! I said " Just consider this excellent experience and payment for the 9 months I carried you and then pushed you out! HA! I must say, she is a really good photographer and I'm excited to see where this takes her in the furture. Oh, and did I mention she beautiful. She has a models body to boot. Life is so unfair:)

What are you day dreaming about today? (x's and o's) Jamie

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