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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wine Bottle Christmas Tree~

Disclamier~ Must be 21 to complete this project and strongly recommend, that you do not run to the store and down as many wine bottles as you can before Christmas. LOL~

I recently saw on another blog the use of wine bottles and candles as a centerpiece, with interchanging accent pieces for every season or hoilday. Here is the post where I got the inspiration. Thanks Jen from Consinger Designer.
The Consigner Designer: MAKE THE SEASON BRIGHT!

Isn't her idea awesome~ So I got out some of the ornament I wasn't using. I was just going to place them at the bottom but then............ I got wild and placed one of the ornaments my son made for me around the neck of the blue bottle. I thought, Oh I like where this is going! I added a tree topper and the light bulb was flipped in the on postion. How about a Wine Bottle Christmas Tree? Oh yah! Here is my design~
Isn't it cute! :)
I don't know if you can see but all the bottles are different colors. The clear one in the back is filled with red crinkled paper shred. It was so much fun making this Wine Bottle Christmas Tree. Happy Homemaking and Merry Christmas~ Jamie