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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Warning: All BFF's Will Want One~ Message Board Tutorial~

WHOO... That's me breathing out a sigh of relief, that I finally finished the Message Boards I made for my special friends. Along the way, my ideas of how I'd make it and what I'd use changed and left me in a whirl wind of make up your mind already decisions. I must say that a lot of heart went into these. From the fabric to the push pins and the little words that reflect the special things I adore about my friends. They say if you have one true friend in life that you are truly blessed and that I am.

Here is a tutorial of how I made these Message Boards~
*Items to buy
*Picture Frame
*Foam Board the size of frame
*Cork Roll with adhesive to cover foam board
*Fabric to cover foam and cork board
*Spray paint
*Push pins
*Decorative scrapbooking pieces and inspirational stickers
*Wall hanger

First decide what size frame you want to use. I used a 11X14. I kinda wish I would have gone a little bigger but the bigger sizes are harder to find and usually custom made. I spray painted the frames black.
I'm seriously thinking about hanging some picture frames from the tree after this. The branches make awesome hangers and the photo changes with every season. I captured my cute little doggy in this one. See him by the fence barking at the neighbors.
Next cut the foam board to the same size as the backing from frame. I traced the outline and then used a razor blade to cut it. My scissors were having a hard time or maybe it was just my hand that was struggling.
Repeat this step with the cork roll and attach it to the foam board.
Next cut your fabric to overlap edges and hot glue the fabric to back of foam board. Pull the fabric tightly between each section you glue, to keep from have loose fabric in the front.
Oh and by the way if your fabric in wrinkled, iron it before hand. I have some really awesome stuff that I sprayed on to relax the wrinkles, so I didn't have to iron. Yah Me!!!
Now that you have your fabric securely glued to the foam board, grab the backing that came with frame and hot glue that over the back to give your message board a more polished look. Attach a wall hanger to the middle of your frame.

Ok ladies, this is were the fun begins! Flip it over and decorate~

This project is super easy but will be a lasting reflection of how wonderful your BFF really is!