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Friday, May 25, 2012

Duct Tape Wallet

My little girl made a Duct Tape Wallet a couple weeks ago and I have been wanting to make one for myself ever since. Today was the kids last day of school and they were released at 11:30. So I figured today would be a good day to sit down and make one of these wallets with her. We found this paisley print at Office Max and the pink at Walmart. Here is the tutorial with instruction from my 11 year old daughter:)

First things first, there is no certain way to make these other than some basic steps to follow. They can be different in color, shape and size. Just play around with it until you get just the perfect one you want. Get out a ruler, measure 8 inches and cut. Do this 4 times. Overlap those 4 pieces as much or as little as you want. For bigger wallet overlap less. Measure and cut 4 more. Overlap the same as you did the first 4 and place one set on top of other. Sticky sides together. Trim the edges.
Working hard:)
Now you should have the shell of your wallet. Fold in half long ways. This is where it gets a little tricky to explain so hopefully the pics will help. After you've folded in half,( p.s. it doesn't like to stay folded) cut two 12 inch strips and place them on top of the other. Sticky side together. Cut them every 3 inches. This will give you 4 strips. Place two on one side of the folded half and 2 on the other side. The one at the bottom, overlaping the one up top. This makes the pockets. Once you have them placed, cut a strip of duct tape and lay it down the middle to hold your pockets in place.
We are in the home stretch now. Unfold and run a strip along the bottom the length of the wallet to secure the bottom of pockets. This will keep your change or credit cards from falling out the bottom. Now tape along the sides as well. Trim any excess as you go.
When your pockets are all taped in, fold in half again. Pockets to the inside.
All done! Sit back and admire your master piece. Now all that is left is to fill it with some moolah:) This is a perfect mother/daughter project. Your preteen will love you for it:)
If you have any questions about tutorial, leave a comment and I'll try to answer as best as I can.

Have fun playing with duct tape! Jamie

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Colossal Closet Update and Photo for May 23rd.

I'm worried folks! This closet is colossal in size and It's freaking me out. It's not that I don't want a huge closet, what girl wouldn't? But it's just OUT THERE, like Oh my gosh Becky did you see her....... Closet:) It's gonna be great eventually. Right now its all brand new and the room isn't square anymore and the doors are gone and its dusty and dirty. I just need to be patient and trust that my vision will turn into something amazing. Here are some pictures of the progress.

See what I mean!?!? We are talking 6x22ft. I was going to keep the wood floor but after closer inspection, I realized that the wood is running in opposite directions between the old closet and the extended part. Looks like tile is in the works now. Better get to Home Depot and pick something out quick. More updates tomorrow!

May 23rd's Photo~ Technology

To Blessed to Be Stressed! Jamie
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bigger Closet = Better Closet and more photo's in May

Busy, Busy, weekend over at the Vigil house. We worked in the yard, Dave worked on his patio project, we went yard sale shopping, practiced with church band, went to church, bought some furniture off of craiglist. Now we are getting our Master bedroom closet built bigger. Yippee!
Check out the progress so far...

See how tiny it was and how big it will be:)
The door way is getting prepped for a barn door with the exposed track. I'm so excited!
Stay tuned for updates through out the week.

I'm getting behind on my May Photo a Day project again.
May 19th ~ A favorite place. I love to sleep:)

May 20th ~ Something you can't live without. I can't even imagine where I would be without Him.

May 21st ~ Where you stand. I should have permanent foot prints in front of the stove and yes that is breakfast for dinner. YUM!

May 22nd ~ Pink! I picked these from my flower garden. So beautuiful!

I better go, the contractor just showed up with the 2x4 for framing. I'll be back with more photos and updates soon. Jamie

Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring's Beauty and Photo A Day for May 16th ~ 18th

I can not tell you the amount of joy it brings me to see everything bloomed out around here. The weeks leading up to it are nasty with sneezing, runny noses and watery eyes. But to see things go from dead to alive is quite miraculous and I am in awe of it. Here are some shots of the beauties that bring such happiness to my home.

Photo A Day May 16th ~ What I'm reading

May 17th ~ Snack

May 18th ~ Something I've made

I sure hope that your world is full of beauty today. Jamie

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Photo A Day 14th~15th and Pinterest Contest

Wow, Spring is really speeding up with all the projects on my to do list. I think I might have to much going on at once though. We have been working out in the yard, planting trees and flowers. Next is our garden, which is a huge undertaking in itself. We have been sprucing up the back patio. Pictures to come! All the while, I've been blogging, pinning, picture taking, shopping for my next DIY spray painted baby and trying to run a tight ship around here. The house has definetly taken a back seat. It's pretty scary. Somehow I've managed to cook meals and keep up laundry.

Anyway, I wanted to share this new contest going on through Homes.com.

They want you to create a borad on Pinterest that show cases what Spring means to you. If you head over to It's Overflowing, the lovely Aimee will gives you all the details. I hope one of us wins!

Come check out my board if you'd like:)

I felt like a kid yesterday crawling around in the grass, trying to get a good shot for May 14th photo a day. I love the look of grass. Here in NM, lots of people do xeriscape, no grass at all. Not this girl, I can't get enough:)

May 15th ~ Love
In one month it will be 12 yrs married to this sweet guy. Still going strong!

Off to bed, sweet dreams! Jamie

Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Blessed Mama~

Happy Mother's Day ladies! Hope you gals are feeling the love today. I sure am! Being a mom is such a blessing and a full time job. A mothers work is never done, Right? I wanted to share a couple pics of the awesome gifts I received this Mother's Day. This gift came early because I caught my husband trying to hide it. LOL, yep I'm good like that:)

Abram's top 10 reason why he loves his mama.

I have to laugh at the fact that #8 is blank. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not very funny but have lots of other good qualities, like reading and cleaning. #2,5,9 and 10. His daddy is a very funny man. I can't compete.

My sweet boy! 7yrs old

This precious gift came and changed my world forever, 11 years ago. She wrote me a song for mothers day to the tune of price tag. Here's a line. It's all about the Mommy's, Mommy's Mommy's:)

I love being a mommy and my babies. I'm so blessed!

Photo a Day for May 12th ~ Something that makes me smile. I had been praying that the sad looking plants I got on sale would come back and bloom out beautiful flowers. This is the first beauty to show.

Photo a day for May 13th~ Mom. Here is a picture of my beautiful mom the day I was born. Isn't she pretty:)