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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Many Instagrams & DIY furniture babies

Hello world, its a lovely day here in New Mexico. I planted a plum tree this morning. Can't wait to start enjoying some of its fruit.

So I'm way behind on my instagram pics for May photo a day. I got stumped on the day that called for fun. You wouldn't think that fun would be such a hard word to capture. Then I got busy outside planting tons of plants. Roses and such. De-Weeding the yard really is the hardest part though. Guess I should have thought about that before I bought a house with over a 1/2 an acre. It's a beautiful house and the area is perfect, so I really do feel blessed.

Yesterday I took a break from the yard and did something I have been meaning to do for about a year now. I'm going to confess something very personal right now so please dont judge. I AM A FURNITURE HOARDER. There I said it. First step to recovery. LOL! Is it just me or does our furniture say something about us. A well worn couch cushion. A ornate piece of furniture that displays all the fancies. Is it modern, traditional or vintage? My furniture say a lot about me or atleast I think it does. As I say this I think about how many vintage piece I own or all the times I hagled the price down. Does that say I'm old and cheap. Ouch:) Anyway, I have been hoarding some pieces I found at my favorite antique store with the intent to paint them. After many hours of research as to how I would tackle the job I decided for time sake that I would spray paint them. I ran across a blog that gave me to courage to spray away,
Thanks Brooke for your help:)
So without further ado, This proud mama introduces her very first spray painted furniture baby
Isn't she cute!

Here is a before and the products that I used.
I am so pleased with how this turned out and excited to take on the next piece of furniture. I'm thinking my bedroom furniture sure would look good in white:)

Now to play catch up on my photo an day for May
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Hopefully I can get my photos in daily but if not you'll know what I'll be up to:)