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Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Blessed Mama~

Happy Mother's Day ladies! Hope you gals are feeling the love today. I sure am! Being a mom is such a blessing and a full time job. A mothers work is never done, Right? I wanted to share a couple pics of the awesome gifts I received this Mother's Day. This gift came early because I caught my husband trying to hide it. LOL, yep I'm good like that:)

Abram's top 10 reason why he loves his mama.

I have to laugh at the fact that #8 is blank. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not very funny but have lots of other good qualities, like reading and cleaning. #2,5,9 and 10. His daddy is a very funny man. I can't compete.

My sweet boy! 7yrs old

This precious gift came and changed my world forever, 11 years ago. She wrote me a song for mothers day to the tune of price tag. Here's a line. It's all about the Mommy's, Mommy's Mommy's:)

I love being a mommy and my babies. I'm so blessed!

Photo a Day for May 12th ~ Something that makes me smile. I had been praying that the sad looking plants I got on sale would come back and bloom out beautiful flowers. This is the first beauty to show.

Photo a day for May 13th~ Mom. Here is a picture of my beautiful mom the day I was born. Isn't she pretty:)