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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Antique teacup and saucer project

I was recently given a box of old mis-matched tea cups and saucers. Many of them were chipped and cracked.
Since it would break my heart to just throw them away I thought about a way to extend their life for just a little longer~ I have been wanting to get some LED lighting to light up the walk way to our front door. I wondered if there was a way to attach the tea cup and saucer to the LED light. I remembered I pinned a video of someone drilling a hole into a tea cup. I watched the video and ran to the store to get what I needed to drill the hole. Here are the items I bought for this project.
( FYI, This kind of glue took forever to dry.  Like 2 days)

I really have the sweetest husband! He is so gracious and willing to work along side of me to complete these projects I come up with.  I don't know what I would do without this guy!
(Attached the drill bit to drill) 
Here we go~

Once we had the holes drilled we placed the LED post through the hole.  We then placed a couple rubber washers to hold it where we wanted it. 

Next we applied the glue to bottom of cup to secure to saucer.  Then we attached the LED globe which sat snug inside the cup and hung it upside down to dry.  We also added glue around the rubber washers.  You may want to check around for different kinds glue to use.  Unless you are very patient. 

Wanna see how this beauty turned out?

She's a beauty at night too~

I hope this tutorial was helpful and if you decide to make one, please shoot me a message. I'd like to hear all about it~

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