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Friday, December 23, 2011

All I want for Christmas~

Christmas is upon us all wrapped up with beautiful bows, twinkling lights, and excited eyes. The snow has fallen to brighten the beauty of the coming day and I ponder, what do I really want for Christmas this year~
I want to wake up to this view on Christmas morning. Where the light dances and sparkles on trees~

Source: etsy.com via Jamie on Pinterest

I want to see a church covered in snow. The mountains blanketed in white~

Where the colors of Christmas match the sky~

To view a snowman smile as he graciously allows a bird to rest~

Source: flickr.com via Jamie on Pinterest

I want to laugh in the snow~

I want a warm house for all who inhabit it~

To taste something sweet and beautifully red~

To see the wonder of Christmas through a child's eyes~

To cry when I see Santa, give credit where credit is due~

To feel lavished in a warm glow, and sip coffee with my best friend~

And most of all when this Christmas comes to an end. That I would remember Jesus is all I need and the greatest gift ever given to me~ Jamie