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Monday, December 26, 2011

Resolution~ 2012

Okay party people~ It's time to start thinking about what you want 2012 to be like. What you resolute to do and not to do. I have so many things on the list this year its hard to put them into words. It's like trying to catch a lizard and just when you think you've caught him by the tail, it falls off. But I'll start with what I know for sure that I wish for 2012~
1~ To BE HAPPY and have overflowing joy in my life!
2~ To find the blessings in the little things and enjoy it!
3~ To slow down in trivial stuff and speeding up in the important!
4~ To feel alive, present, not a walking, talking, auto-mode machine!
5~ To get organized!
6~ To be creative and not worry if someone else likes it~ Do I like it?
7~ To cook like a pro (chopped style) and even if it doesn't taste good I enjoyed making it!
8~ To enjoy caring for my yard. Cutting and pruning till I live in a secret garden!
9~ To take pictures of everything and everyone. People won't recognize me without the camera!
10~ To embrace the face, the body, the real me and be okay!
11~ To laugh a lot! Pee your pants kinda laugh! Everyday!
12~ To be passionate and compassionate!
13~ To remember life is short every time I look at my children!
14~ To love my husband more and more. After all he is 2nd to God.
15~ To let go of the past. It will not define me or confine me any longer!
16~ To get organized!!! Yes it's worth repeating!
17~ To simplify! Clutter has to go.
18~ To live healthy! Better eating and exercise plan.
19~ To stop striving for empty and meaningless things! Goodbye Credit Cards!
20~ To look up, breathe in and shout out, I am blessed and believe it! Everything is not perfect nor does it have to be. Jamie, you do not have to be perfect (internal pep talk)! Enjoy life, focus on the beauty in things, give up the mask, walk with confidence and be patient! Life is good! Does your attitude know that? If it doesn't change it!

Ok ,so there it is. Well at least 1% of it. I better go get started on one of these. I think it will be organizing the pantry today. Be Blessed! Jamie