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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whatever Wednesday~ 3 Things February

Hey Chickas!
I love Wednesdays because It's my first taker easy day of the week. Even though I should be cleaning, doing laundry, or straightening the linen closet, I'm here, blog hopping around and seeing what you fantastic ladies are up to. I've spent the last couple hours getting to know some new faces. One of the blogs I happened upon was http://sarahrooftops.blogspot.com/
(Go get to know her!)
She has come up with a awesome idea. For the whole month of February, jot down 3 things daily, that made you smile. No more, no less! Just 3! Then share it through your personal post or message me your 3 things in the comments section that day. It's a gratitude log in a way and a reminder in our busy lives, that the little things that make us smile, are worthy of being mentioned. I'm excited to share and see what 3 things made you smile today! Jamie