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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fad Friday~ 70's Mauve and Blog Hop

It's Fad Friday! What fad is driving you to dress the way you do? You guys already know that I dream of being in some vintage movie, dancing and singing with the likes of Gene Kelly. I seriously was born in the wrong era. But today we will jump a couple decades forward to the 70's. 70's fashion is not my favorite but it's pretty high on my like list. I love the funky, uniqueness of it all. For some reason I invision John Travolta and the Bee Gees every time I think of something from the 70's. I wish my hubby and I could learn those dance moves. That would be awesome!
I love how the 70's brings out the brightest colors and boldest prints. Everything is so over the top. Big hair, bell bottom jeans and platform shoes, just to name a few. This dress I'm about to show you is rather mild for 70's standards but I have one in the closet that needs a little needle and thread and then it's good to go. I'll post pics soon:)
I tried to give my hair the Farrah Fawcett flip. I need to grow it out a couple more inches to get the full effect. I paired the dress with the biggest heeled boots I've have and a brown belt to match.
Oh and brown tights as well. It snowed that morning and it was a bit chilly. We started in the house for the shots due to the cold wind but I couldn't resist taken pics in the snow:)
I wish I would have gotten a shot were you could see my earrings. They are animal print hoops. They totally pulled the funk out.
I'm super sad that Picnik is going away. I seriously might shed a tear over this! If you guys know of a program that does stuff similar to Picnik, will you let me know! PLEASE! So what do you think? Did I do the 70's justice?
As we part let reminisce with a little Bee Gees. You know what I want to do today? Strut! Jamie~