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Friday, January 13, 2012

Fad Friday~ Checkered Dress

World English Dictionary
1. an intense but short-lived fashion; craze
2. a personal idiosyncrasy or whim

Fad Friday is my intense but sometimes short-lived fashion craze, based on my own idiosyncrasies and whims! I will be straightforward and tell you that I have no clue what the fashion etiquette rules are. I don't pay attention to the newest trends. I don't buy expensive designer clothes. I really don't want another persons name or brand taking up the whole front of my shirt. I'm not your walking billboard. Sheesh! I'm just looking for clothes that reflect my personality, my style and my shape.
As you already know, I love vintage clothes. I do the excited pee pee dance whenever I get the newest item. They make me happy and I feel like I'm meant to be wearing them. It's really hard to explain;) I recently found a whole heap of vintage dresses at a local thrift store. I was like a kid with candy. I've decided I will wear one every Sunday and post them here on Fad Friday for you to see my collection. This first dress is so much fun, super comfy and has these over sized pockets on the side that I adore.
I wore my favorite red peep toe high heels and some black tights for warmth in this January cold. I also added a black belt to my waist for added emphasizes on the balloon skirt. The dress is probably 3 sizes to big for me but I don't care. I loved every minute, being in it!
These pictures were enhanced through Picnik. My new favorite thing to do to my pictures.

To complete this look, curl hair with 1 inch curling iron and slap on the best red lipstick you've got. Bring out that vintage beauty, even if it's only on Sunday's. Jamie