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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thrifting Thursday~ Humane Society Shopping

Hello Ladies, How's your Thursday treating you? Mine was crampy! After dragging my self into the gym this morning, (FYI, helps cramps) I decided I'd go clothes shopping, thrift style! I must admit, after seeing what other blog gals have found at there local goodwill or thrift stores, I'm a little jealous. We have "used" items at ours and its what I would call "authentic" thrifting. I'm not dissing you for getting your stuff for dirt cheap and new with tags. I'm just saying its slim pickins in this neck of the woods. I didnt find anything vintage per say. I think the navy blue polka dot belt might be the oldest item I found.

I did find some expensive name brand items though. Anybody know who Ralph Lauren is?I'll be looking preppy in no time!
Christopher and Banks called my name with this red skirt~
This skirt was also calling, no tags other than wool, dry clean only.
Don't ask me what I saw in this next piece. Maybe it's my inner nurse coming out. I think this would look cute with some denim skinny jeans and some Ralph Lauren riding boots. If only I could fork out the 100+ for a pair. By the way it's much cuter in person, gold button and all.
Anyone want to go back to the 80's with me? I'm gonna have to perm my hair for this dress.
My little girl has been asking me for some vintage clothes. It's slim pickins for children's vintage but I happened to see this. It is obviously made by a sweet sewing grandma. I'll take pics of my little model soon. She thinks it's the coolest thing to have her picture on moms blog.
All my thrifting, cost me 17.00 dollars today. Not to bad! Now it's time to pull and put clothes together to make a complete outfit. Wish me luck! I'll post some pics with the end results. Talk atcha later~ Jamie