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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Whatever Wednesday ~

I just love saying whatever, don't you?
Whatever Wednesday is all about whatever I want to blog about. It might be something I'm working on that day. It might be a the way I'm feeling that day. It might be a whole post on a "W" word. Like Whatever! :) Anyway..... I have been organizing my bathroom drawers today. I am determined to get this house in order. All the organizing tips posted in blog land have been real helpful. Warning: the pictures you are about to see may cause complete hysteria.

But rest assured that better pictures are to come. Here is what my drawers looked like before.
Dreadful, I know!
Now let's see if you can see a difference.

My 3 drawers above, Hubby's drawers below.
The reason why he only has 2 drawers is because I hogged the top drawer for my curling iron and flat iron. That drawer was pretty clean before so I didn't include a pic.
Under the sink~

Now for the most important transformation. My makeup holder!
I have a jewelry box that I fit next to the Tupperware. I just flipped the lid to the box upside down and place the eye and lip stuff in it.
It's amazing how different things look and how much better you feel when things are organized.
I only purchased a few small plastic dividers and the rest are items I had at the house. So don't be afraid to use what you've got. Well, whatever you did on your Wednesday, I hope it was fun and organized. If not, whatever:) Jamie