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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fad Friday~ Green Polka Dotted Dress

Happy Fad Friday to all you beauties in blog land!
What Fad are you wearing this week. Remember the definition of Fad?
1. an intense but short-lived fashion; craze
2. a personal idiosyncrasy or whim.
I definitely fall into the #2 definition. I don't really understand why fashion has to be so, right now it's stripes, so everyone wear stripes or the color is purple, so wear purple, but that's how it goes. Right now it's Polka Dots. Remember the vinatge dresses I found at a thrift store a couple weeks back. Well one of the dresses just so happened to have polka dots. I'm thinking this dress is 40's/50's vintage.
So here is the photo session (taken by my 10 yr old daughter) of my green polka dotted dress.

Did I mention how much I love Picnik? Photo cropping at it's best!:)
Ok, so whether you are wearing stripes or polka dots this week, remember to always just BE YOU! Have a blessed weekend! Jamie