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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Seriously~ its been way to long!

In the words of slim shady, Guess who's back, back again................ Where do I begin? Well, I guess I'll go back to 2012 when I decided to go back to work (hence my 2 year blog hiatus). I guess I should rephrase that I didn't just decide to go back, I needed to. You see, I had felt the Lord telling me to take my children out of public school for quite some time. I couldn't fathom homeschooling due to my lack of knowledge (I will get to this in another post) so private school it was. Although my husband has a great job it still wasn't going to cover the high cost of tuition. Anywho, the Lord made a way for me to work at the private school as a kindergarten teacher's aide and because I worked there I was able to get a discount on the kids tuition. Hallelujah! God is amazing and if he puts something on your heart, listen! He will make a way! We completed 2 full school years at the (christian) private school. This year we are doing something new. Drum roll, please.................. You guessed it! HOMESCHOOL~ Looking back I can see how the Lord used the time I was working to instruct me in teaching and strengthen me for this journey ahead. With that being said this blog will be taking a little different approach. Just like every season in life, time changes, circumstances change, YOU change. I will still have recipes, DIY projects, and photography, with splash of homeschool and my christian faith. I hope that my blog serves as some encouragement for other moms going through the same day to day decisions. This isn't a keeping up with the Jones' or redo my whole house blog. Just a day to day account of one women, walking in her own shoes. Somedays with sore feet and other day painted toes peeking out of her favorite shoe! May you be blessed today! Oh and it's good to be back :) P.S. I also started a photography blog be sure to check it out~ trinityphotoghaphy.blogspot.com